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Here at Paintball Warriors we flex around you the customer in that we can offer you a Full days Paintball , Half Days Paintball (AM or PM session ) or evening Paintball in the warm summer months

Events Timings :

Full Days Paintball : 9.15 am - 4.30 pm

Half Days Paintball AM : 9.15 am - 12.30 pm

Half Days Paintball PM: 12.30 pm - 4.30 pm

Evening Paintball : 18.30 pm - 21.00 pm

Ring Mark on 07792579217 to discuss your requirements or send us an enquiry via the
"Web form"

! Remember Group organisers are eligible for discounts, free Paintballs and Grenades ! (Only applies for booking of a full days Paintball) check out organiser deals here !

Making teams more productive is a constant issue for most managers. Productivity is, of course, the essence of what makes businesses competitive. Paintball is a sport in which not only is it incredibly fun but is also competitive . A team which understand that certain objectives can be achieved more easily working together in a cooperation will ultimately succeed in their task more effectively. In practice Paintball brings out the inner confidence and strength in people as well as welding people together and developing a formidable team spirit !

Here at Paintball warriors we have engineered many games which require team cooperation to win.

Why not treat yourself or the Birthday boy or girl to an unforgettable day of infused adrenaline and fun ? Here at Paintball Warriors you can be sure that booking a day’s paintball with us will be a Birthday hit ! Make a date with us and make it a Birthday to remember !

Your last days of freedom should be remembered in style and no stag paintballing experience would be complete with out one special "Stag" game during the day and what could be more fitting than letting the stag fulfil his child hood dream of being that super Hero ! , armed with a shield captain American aka the "Stag" will fight the mob to the last man using his sub human super powers !

We specialise in stag groups and our stag games go down a hit ! We have plenty of special stag games to choose from including, the "Gauntlet", "Stag siege" and the "Path of Despair" !

If your the best man organising a stag party look no further, Paintball Warriors will ensure your stag will remember the day for many years to come !

Who says Paintball is just for the boys ? Nonsense, not a word of it's true. Paintball is enjoyed and loved by everyone and is even popular with the ladies making Paintball Warriors a great venue for a fun and enjoyable Hen party experience.

Want to play paintball as an individual ? No problem just ring to book and we will sort you out a place where we will team you up with other groups and individual players to form a formidable Paintball fighting force !

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