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SpeedBall Mayhem :

In this fast placed action game wits and awareness is vital to your survival! Work your way from one side of the field to the other utilizing barrels and drums as cover to ensure a swift team victory!!



Woodland Fury:

Our classic capture the flag arena where both teams have the objective of capturing a flag situated in no man’s land, decisive team work is the key to capturing the flag station and launching a final crushing assault on the opposition’s base!



Jungle Assault :

Into the deep dark jungle! Your mission is simple to scout the dense jungle terrain for any pockets of resistance from opposition forces! In this unique jungle zone of cat and mouse it’s easy to miss a well camouflaged adversary! Push on with caution and watch for concealed ambush points that could lay ahead!


Buzz Bomb :

V is for vengeance, in this highly charged gamezone your team has been tasked with disabling and disrupting the enemy team from launching their V1 vengeance bomb. A close quarter encounter with ammo crates scattered around the launch area for cover ! Capture the V-1 rocket fuel contained within the oppositions base at all costs! .

Outpost X-Ray:

“Outpost X-ray” a remote outpost manned by a small recon force is under siege by the opposition team! As the fire intensifies on your position your team must take control of the situation and defeat the attackers, time is of the essences you must lock down any further advances from the opposition and prevent your stockade from falling!  

Bocage :

As the fog of war fades both teams clash in an open meadow attempting to out flank the other team! In this game your team must out manoeuvre the opposition’s team by using the left or right flanks in order to gain the upper hand, get to the oppositions base and secure their code book !

" Medic" :

Your team has been assigned a medic! With the ability to heal any fallen member of your team your medic is vital to your success! You must ensure the personal safety of your team medic as once your medic has been shot he will not be able to heal any member of your team so therefore every member who is shot on your team will be eliminated from the game. If the other team has their medic still alive then they can keep on healing their players.  


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