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Is Paintball safe?
How old do you have to be to play?
How far in advance of my intended date must I book?
How many people do we need to play?

What deposit do I need to pay?
What should I wear to play?
What are the games like?
What gamezones do you have?
How much does it cost?
Am I going to need more paintballs?
What's involved in a day?
Can I bring my own paintballs?
Do you have pre-pay packages?
Does it hurt?
What time should we arrive on the day that we are playing?

What time does it usually finish?
Do you serve lunch?
Do you currently have any job vacancies?

Q: Is Paintball safe?

A: Like any other activity or sport, there is always the potential for injury. However, standard safety rules and the proper use of industry developed and approved safety equipment have made paintball one of the safest participatory sports. In fact, insurance company statistics have shown that more people are hurt bowling and fishing than playing paintball. When on the field players must *ALWAYS* wear protective goggles which protects the eyes and face. Safety is highly stressed at Paintball Warriors with full safety briefs given at the beginning of each games and referees/staff members on hand oversee the players. Players who disregard safety instructions are usually removed from the games for the own saftey and the safety of others.

Q: How old do you have to be to play?

A: The minium age to participate in any paintball games at Paintball Warriors is 11 years old.

Q: How far in advance of my intended date must I book?

A: Basically as soon as possible,ideally at least 2 weeks notice is required although if you do have a last minute booking we might be able to fit you in but this is very dependent on availability.

To avoid disappointment the earlier in advance you book the more chance you have at securing your booking for your chosen day.

Deposits are required to confirm bookings.

Q: How many people do we need to play?

A: Paintball is a fun sport whether you want to book to play as an individual or organise a group. If you are an orgainser and organise a group of 10 + people you will be eligible for free paintballs and pyrotechnics under our orgainser incentive scheme. The bigger the group you organize the more freebies you earn, so it's definitely worth getting a group together if you want to play.

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Q: What deposit do I need to pay?

A: To turn your provisonal booking into a confirmed booking we will require a £15 deposit per person. We usually ask for a deposit 10 days in advance of your event date. Due to the popularity of our site the sooner you pay your deposit the more chance you will have playing on your chosen date.


Q: What should I wear to play?

A: Here at paintball warriors we will issue you a set of overalls which are worn over your cloths to keep you clean, however old lose fitting clothes worn underneath is recommended. Most importantly sturdy foot wear should be brought along with you. It is advisable to bring some warm kit as you can always remove it should you become hot.

Q: What are the games like?

A: All the games we have created here at Paintball Warriors have under gone extensive evaluation from players alike, we never commission a game until we feel that it's right for the gamezone. We want you to have the best possible experience ever !  that's why we have a big selection of all kinds of different games all of which offers variety and excitement ! Each game with a unique feel and theme, objectives will change per game rotation. Games are timed for 15 - 20 minutes for maximum enjoyment and fun ! For more information please visit the Gamezone page

Q: What gamezones do you have?

A: We have many adrenaline charged games and game zones carefully designed for maximum enjoyment. Paintball Warriors don’t just offer the same old back drop of woodland, we give you the customers the opportunity to wage battle over acres of mixed terrain, ranging from woodland, meadows, green open fields to dense jungle zones, there really is a great mix for everyone’s taste , every zone a different terrain !

Please visit the Gamezone Page for more info.

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Q: How much does it cost?

A: For a guide to our price packages that we offer please see our prices page. We offer paintballs at £6 per hundred , we also offer discounts for large bookings and organizer incentives for full day bookings.

Q: Am I going to need more paintballs?

A: In general yes if you have selected the "Sniper Package " 100 paintballs doesn't last long ,maybe one game if you are lucky ! Extra paintballs can be brought once you have deplete your first 100 balls.

If you chose the "Recon Package" then you will be much better prepared as you will have 500 balls to wage war with, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of paintballs in the middle of a fire fight so the recon package is always a good starting package !

If you are on the "Rambo package" then running out of paint isn't so much of a problem as in general 1000 balls will see you generously throughout the whole day. The "Rambo" Package will give you unprecedented fire power !

How many paintballs will I need ? 

Taking an average people on a half day will use anything from 400 - 600 balls and people on a full day 800 - 1000, however the amount you use is down to your own style of play, you are in control of the trigger !.

Extra Paint is charge at £7.00 per hundred .

Please see our price page for more information.

Q: What's involved in a day?

A: We have a complete itinerary of the days events from start to finnish check out our itinerary page for a detailed break down of the day.

Q: Can I bring my own paintballs?

A: No. Only paintballs brought from Paintball Warriors can be used on site due to Health and safety regulations.

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Q: Do you have pre-pay packages?

A: Yes, we offer 3 packages to keep things nice and simple, we offer the .....

Sniper Package £7.50 ~ 100 Balls ~ Hotdog ~ All Equipment Hire (Just pay for your extra paintballs at £7 per hundred)

Recon Package £25 ~ 500 Balls ~ Hotdog ~ All Equipment Hire
(Great start to the day ! )

Rambo Package £45 ~ 1000 Balls ~ Hotdog ~ All Equipment Hire( Pretty much sorted for the day !) 

Package Details

Sniper Package £7.50 (100 balls ) : Pay as you play is ideal if you want to just pay extra for the extra paint you use.

Recon Package £25 (500 Balls) : Recon Package is very popular for many reasons, it give you a good start to the day and means you can play without the fear of running out of paint in the heat of battle.

Rambo Package £45 (1000 Balls) : Rambo package is insanely cheap ! It is unheard of for sites to be charging a mere £4.50 per hundred but here at paintball warriors if you pay in advance of your arrival the Rambo package can be yours at just £45 for 1000 balls !


EXTRA PAINTBALLS £7.00 per 100


Please see our "Price" page for package deals.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Paintballs break upon impact dissipating most of the energy and causing very little pain. What pain is felt is comparable to being snapped by a towel and goes away after a few seconds. Generally though, the thrill of the game will overshadow any pain that might be felt from a hit. We offer free overall hire and in addition chest and back protectors for the ladies.

Q: What time should we arrive on the day that we are playing?

A: Ensure you arrive on site as per your arrival time on your booking instructions.

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Q: What time does it usually finish?

A: We aim to finish around 3.30- 4pm but are happy to let the games run as long as people want to play.

Q: Do you serve lunch?

A: All package include a free delicious giant "Herta hotdog" served in a massive freshly baked baguett ! We also supply dougnuts at tea breaks to give you an extra sugar boost!

Vegetarian options are available please ensure you tell us of any vegetarians so we can arrange a suitable lunch for them.

Free tea and coffee is served throughout the day :)

Additional snacks can be purchased on site during the day(Chocolate bars / Cans of drink £1.00 each )


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