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Hire of the below equipment is included in all packages booked.



72cu Air Bottle: Keep going for longer with better accuracy, Paintball warriors are the first site in Dorset to invest in air instead of using inferior inconsistent Co2.


Goggles: Essential head protection, the goggle system you will be issued with will protect your head and face from paintballs. All our goggle systems are regularly checked before and after games and are replaced frequently to ensure that you get the very latest and best in head protection.

Snood : Offers padded protection to head and neck , light and breathable means you stay cooler during the most heated games.

Camouflage Suit: Unlike many other sites we go to great lengths to deliver you the very best gear available to date and that includes overalls. Our one piece camo suit not only will protect you from getting your clothes dirty but offers a unique padded collar for ultimate neck protection with elasticated cuffs for easy fitting and removal.

4 Pot Pack : you never know when you going to need some extra back up whilst on the field so make sure you get kitted out with plenty of ammo; these pot packs have a 400 round paintball capacity which takes 4 plastic 100 ball pots for easy reloading.  

TIPPMANN 98 PLATINUM : Standard issue marker to all players. Anti Chop technology , semi automatic gas blow back !

Fancy being Rambo ? No problem for a £10 hire fee you can take your pick from our large selection of heavy weapon upgrades we have to offer below. If you wish to upgrade from the standard Tippmann 98 please let us know when making your booking ,otherwise upgrades can be made on the day but on a first come first serve basis.

TIPPMANN A5 : Ground breaking technology at a pull of a trigger! In battle there are situations where a little fire support is an asset and the A5’s will give each team a helping hand in capturing objectives whilst covering team mates. We specialize in fun and the A5’s are an awesome piece of paintball hardware for both teams to get their mitts on and utilize !


VIBE :Tournament grade electro pneumatic marker with micro switch double trigger. These things can fire at an insane rate thanks to a massive dble trigger which = Maximum pwnage !!


BRAVO 1 BATTLE RIFLE :Light, accurate with a 3 position car stock these compact markers are not to be underestimated ! Heavy duty ported barrel for ultimate long range accuracy! It’s easy to see why they spread fear and chaos among the opposition!


SP-1 SMG :Light, compact with a feather light trigger pull! This marker is not only extremely light but delivers rounds accurately on target with devastating results!

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